Episode 20: Beer Me! A Tasting

NorthSouthOn this episode, Mark schools George on suds. It’s all about ales, hops, barley, craft breweries and more. Mark, quite the connoisseur of craft beer, makes a compelling argument for buying local when it comes to beer. We run a bit long on this episode, blame it on the beer! #Pride48, #P48

Beer styles for beginners

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2 thoughts on “Episode 20: Beer Me! A Tasting

  1. I am not quite done this episode yet, but I am loving it, being a beer lover myself (GO GUINNESS) I enjoyed listening to the ins and outs of what else is going on in the “World of Beer”, microbreweries and tap houses!

    One thing though; while the sirens in the background are cute, however, that is our shtick over at turnipStyle – so you will have to cut that out from now on! HA!

    Can’t wait for the next episode! -tH


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