Episode 18: Cutting the Cord

NorthSouthWhat are the pros and cons of cutting the cord? How do you stay connected to your favorite shows in a cable-free environment? Are Netflix and Hulu the future networks of choice? Mark and George talk about these questions on this episode. #Pride48

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2 thoughts on “Episode 18: Cutting the Cord

  1. I cut the cord about 9 years ago, maybe 8, and just relied on internet to satisfy my viewing appetite [at home].

    However; it is important to know that I was spending a lot of time flying for work, of course, and on my days off I would head some where to visit friends and family.

    I was getting really good at knowing what stations were an what channels in numerous cities.

    So I basically didn’t really need cable at home. Internet was good enough.

    However, now that I am at home full time, my ‘appetite’ has changed and I have had to employ different methods.

    I have definitely taken advantage of adding Netflix to my mix and I have bought TV Series/Seasons from iTunes that I am a huge fan of.

    I also have placed a digital HD antenna on my balcony. I visited a website to map digital tv reception figured out if I would have any reception and I went and bought a cheap antenna ($20) and gave it a try.

    Sure enough I was picking up local stations, clearer than cable, as well as stations from across the lake in New York State.

    What this does is allows me to tune in to news and information in the morning and the evening, which keeps me up-to-date. It is also great for that “background noise” which I also appreciate while I am working from home.

    I have an AppleTV that I use the heck out of. Through that I have the ability to get a subscription to the; NBA, NFL and NHL seasons, for a fee. Which would be less than a cable package and would give me access to each and every game.

    I have not done this yet; but I have given it serious thought. I also have to admit that I head up to Neighbour Chris’ place and use his TV to watch some sporting events that are not as regular as football, hockey and baseball. Such as; rubgy and curling.

    A further development is that the CRTC [The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC, French: Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes) is a public organisation in Canada with mandate as a regulatory agency for broadcasting and telecommunications.] has mandated that all companies offering TV services must offer a “skinny” or “basic” package for no more than $25/month as of 01 March 2016.

    Of course this is not without controversy and that is clear by doing a Simple Google Search.

    There is an obvious gouging of the consumer by the media companies and solutions have to be found.

    Consumers need to realise that they do have a lot of power and a voice that would or could change our TV viewing options.

    A related but unrelated example of this gouging is apparent, in my opinion, with digital versus print media. Someone needs to explain to me the logic behind a hard cover book at Chapters costing $39.95 and coming home to find the book on iTunes for $35.95.

    From where I sit, the cost of physical materials and harvesting of said materials has got to be a greater differential than $4 [in this case].

    I wonder if there are statistics, but I would imagine less music is being “pirated” because you can purchase a song for about $1, instead of buying the entire album if you are not that keen on the rest of the collection.

    I, myself, have done this numerous times. My old instinct would have been to pirate the whole album and just keep the song that I wanted

    We need to tell the cable companies what we want and how we want it and that should definitely not be that we want to be bent over and rammed with a pitch fork.

    Cable companies need to make their product available and affordable to make it easier to swallow; that is how, I think, pirating will stop and people will be much happier.


  2. Thanks for your note, Turniphed! Sorry that I’m just now seeing this. Some very good info. The digital reception map is brilliant. We will share that bit of info on a follow-up message on a future episode. I also love your country’s new requirement of a ‘skinny’ package. It makes perfect sense for those who just want the basics. Wish we had something similar. I did learn when connecting a dish for my mother that they had an un-advertised package (largely for seniors) that was much cheaper than the market rate stuff. And I’m totally with you on the eBook price gouging. When a company is saving print/shipping dollars, at least a portion of that savings should be passed on. Thanks again for your note.


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