Episode 17: The Disgracing of Gary Webb

NorthSouthOn this episode, George and Mark take a fascinating look at the real story behind the movie “Kill the Messenger.” San Jose Mercury News investigative journalist Gary Webb uncovers another CIA plot to create funds for the Nicaragua Contras. The scheme involves the illegal transportation of massive quantities cocaine across the U.S. border with the support of CIA operatives. The cocaine ultimately led to the ‘crack’ epidemic in South Central Los Angeles in the 80’s. We also talk about the shameful way major newspapers engaged in a smear campaign and ultimately disgrace Webb.  #Pride48

Links from the show:
The original “Dark Alliance” series
Kill the Messenger movie
LA Times reporter apologizes
New York Times (sort of) apologizes
Washington Post Jeff Leen, still shamefully smearing Webb
Appropriate response to WaPo’s Jeff Leen

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2 thoughts on “Episode 17: The Disgracing of Gary Webb

  1. Loved the show. I remember the whole Iran Contra thing. Oliver North and stuff like that. Had no idea this other side was going on…

    However, the term “rotten in Denmark” was used and I burst out laughing, every time I hear that now, Betty White as Rose Nyland pops into my head and says, “it’s the cheese!”


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