Episode 14: The Incredible Shrinking Queer Space

Many in LGBT communities took their first brave steps “out” in queer spaces like bookstores, coffee houses, bars and dance clubs. But are these treasured spaces disappearing? Mark and George share how their favorite queer spaces shaped their early gay-days. We also talk about the incredibly shrinking queer space. While empirical data seems hard to find on the topic, our own observations show fewer and fewer places are available – especially in smaller cities. Does increasing, broad support for LGBT communities result in decreasing numbers of these establishments? Does access to the internet and dating apps further diminish the need for queer spaces? And what does fewer gay spaces mean for an aging gayby-boomers?  #Pride48

Links from the show:
The Gay Bar: Can it Survive – Slate
Op-ed: The Slow Death of Gay Gathering Places May Be Aiding HIV – Advocate

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George – @georgeinatlanta


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